Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Status update

OBM 2.3 freeze mode is on.

MiniG isn't branched, so I'm trying to add small features without destroying mail reading.

obm sync receives lots of performance related commits. We tweaked most of our sql queries to get good performance on both mysql & pg.

MySQL & PostgreSQL do not require the same kind of tuning. MySQL prefers 2 queries with select a from b ... and select c from b where in (). PostgreSQL performs better with select c from b inner join a where... If we do the one query version postgresql wins & mysql crawls to death. If we do the 2 query version, mysql outperforms postgresql a little on low-cost hardware benchmarks.

We (re)did o-push tests on Nokia E71 with MailForExchange. The calendar part of o-push is working very well. We still need to take a look at contacts. We expect to release obm-2.3 rc0 with contacts & calendar working in o-push. Adrien is working on the mail part of o-push and discovered that microsoft has an alternative to locales. Forget iso-8859-1, let's call it 28591. utf-8 is 65001. o-push just won a new mapping table.

Still wondering if obm new contact screen will be ready for prime time. As it is, I don't like it. Knowing Mehdi & David skills with CSS & Javascript, I think we can still have a new killer module for OBM 2.3. Right now, removing MiniG contact screen to use the OBM one would get the "Over my dead body" response. But as we're all inspired by Snow Leopard Addressbook, Google Contacts and mobile me, we'll find a UI that satisfies everyone, including users ;-)

MiniG seems in a pretty good shape (lot's of people use it as their only mail software, including me). People on the obm mailing seems to have a hard time installing it. I need to figure out why :/

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