Saturday, October 10, 2009

Status of my OBM parts before oct 15th freeze

Worked 4/5 days on making sure that obm-sync was performing correctly on a 13GB OBM 2.3 PostgreSQL database. I must thank again for the license they granted me for MiniG. Their software is not free (as in speech), but they give away licences for free softwares. This kind of ubber cool software just tells you when your code is shit.

Small commit on obm-caldav to prevent it from fetching all calendar permissions from database. Yourkit helped on this one too.

MiniG thread grouping still needed some work. Slashdot article from Cyrus most active contributors ( gave me some hints. Answer "UID THREAD REFERENCES UTF-8 ALL". This simple IMAP command forces cyrus to do all the threading calculation for you. The minig part is still complicated but from a performance pov, it's a win.

Ok, I really depend on cyrus features. For today deadlines, that's fine. But the architecture I want to have for minig is :

incoming mail -> ironport (or any other _efficient_ spam filtering solution) -> minig_lmtp -> cassandra clustered db

Solr would be plugged into cassandra (cassandra is the big table implementation that facebook released to the apache group as free software).

Yes cyrus does not exist in the architecture I'm hoping to get minig to. (s|l)mtp connector to clustered db with full text indexer is google architecture. This architecture seems like the right one to me. murder + heartbeat seems pretty fragile when you compare it to cassandra/big table reliability.

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