Sunday, October 04, 2009

Release often, Release early

Very early in some cases... We had to prepare a demo of o-push with obm 2.3 trunk (bleeding egde) and minig.

I had to stop working on minig temporarily to get o-push in a demo-able state.

OPush work was stalled by higher priority tasks, but after working on it all the week-end, it's in a pretty cool shape. I've just committed true push support for calendars.

Here is a demo video I did with my test setup : every modification in obm 2.3 calendar appears in the pda few seconds later.

(Yes, it's not perfect, I still don't know why I add to go back to the activesync application while recording)

PS: I had to convert the video to xvid as youtube seems to do shit with ogv's from gtk-recordMyDesktop

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