Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chat in MiniG, Jabber in OBM

As jabber integration is important (think lotus sametime, online meetings, etc), I did some prototyping on jabber support in MiniG ala GTalk.

I did a little screencast of what OBM+MiniG can do with an Openfire jabber server tonight.

Of course jabber integration is OBM 2.3 stuff, I'm just investigating what would be possible.

The MiniG / Jabber video is also available in poor quality on youtube:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drag'n'drop support in MiniG

Well title says it all : you can move you conversations by drag'n'dropping them from the list to the folder tree.

It works for one or multiple conversations. My preferred way to move conversations is still with the actions combo-box, as I find it less error-prone.

As a screenshot does not really work for this kind of features, you can download an xvid screencast or watch the youtube version :

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Turned 11

Now linagora GSO, previously Aliasource and Aliacom, the company I worked with for 7 years turned 11, cheers !

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thanks to Sylvain, my blog is now federated on It's quite cool to have a central place to report OBM and MiniG progress.

As I am working on MiniG (and bdf12) most of my time, let's report what happened in the last days :
- we switched to gmail sorting of conversations
- David fixed lots of ui bugs
- search results are now ordered by date desc (David too)
- email (un)starring is coming soon (the \Flagged imap tag)

Another good news : debian packages of obm & minig will be available soon. Installation nightmare is over. By the way, Obama got elected.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

OBM technical integration

While in Agde, at OBM developpers summit, I did the first steps of technical integration of MiniG with OBM :

* Private & public contacts from OBM are visible as contact groups, used for email address autocompletion
* Email address gathering : recipients of emails sent through MiniG are automatically added as private contacts in OBM. They will be available for autocompletion next time the MiniG composer is used.
* OBM user settings are pushed to the MiniG ui, to avoid redundent preferences (language, timezone, etc)