Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blue Mind beta1 (part1)

Blue Mind beta1

Lots of work went into this release. Of course we always want more, but the release should be pretty solid.

Let's have a quick look at what is really nice in our new software.

Easy setup

Installation is just 3 clicks away after you installed your packages. Basically you just need an ubuntu 10.04 setup reachable through its hostname and you're good to go.

Simply point your browser to your ubuntu server.

Your first click will setup your PostgreSQL database and reconfigure the needed services

The next screen will verify your network setup is correct. Your server must be able to contact itself through its hostname.

Next question is about your domain. Blue Mind handles mail domains.

And that should be your last click. Enjoy the progress bar while the installation wizard sets everything up for your new mail domain.

And here we are ! complete mail server setup with a working account.

Don't forget to write down your setup wizard password and you are go to go right into the admin console. Please note the private/public computer switch. This is for our offline mode support. When checking public computer, Blue Mind's calendar will not dump all your data in your browser's storage for offline use.

Now you can manage everything, setup your users and add new mail domains.

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