Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Filters in MiniG for 2.3.2

After 6 month with filters code disabled in MiniG, I finally took the last steps to enable them : vacation & forward handling using OBM infos.

The finishing touch was pretty boring :
  • adding APIs to OBM sync for updating forward and vacation infos in the UserObm table.
  • Completing the vacation ui in MiniG
  • Adding an interface to set email forwarding

Well it's done and will be available with all 2.3.2+ obm installs.

Everything is not perfect : obm vacation & forward modules must be disabled as they have no knowledge of the filters stored in minig private database. A quick fix is possible as making an HTTP POST to minig-backend/regenerateSieve.do (login/password required) will generate a correct sieve script with forward, vacation & filter rules.

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