Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Big minig bug hunt

I'm focused on chasing minig bugs.

We clearly improved our testing flow. Releases are tested everyday by ff3 users, ff3.5 users and chromium users (Sylvain & me dropped firefox now that 64bit builds are available). IE8 is often tested on our TSE server. I still need to find an easy way to do IE6 testing.

What's coming into minig :

- real thread grouping. User testing shown that "subject+ignore numbers" is only manageable to technical people.

- composer improvements (I'm fighting with GWT RichTextArea, and learning things I didn't want to know about browsers differences).

- by email actions. Delete one, Star one, Print one. Add sender to contacts, etc.

- next/previous buttons. I don't read my email like that, but a lots of people seems to think that when you read a conversation, next has a meaning.

- folder management improvents. Rename & move.

And lots of needed bugfixes......

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