Thursday, December 04, 2008

MiniG slow down; OBM 2.2 deadline coming soon

As you may have noticed, MiniG development is stalling. Last commits were a major feature : reading emails forwarded as attachments.

OBM 2.2 database model will be frozen on monday, we are working pretty hard on fixing most schema glitches.

Lots of things are coming in OBM in 2.2 :

- MySQL won't be the default database, PostgreSQL 8.3+ will be (if you wonder why, give us 64bit timestamps, jdbc compliant driver _by default_, predictable optimizer choices and we will reconsider. A fix for yesterday's mysql busy lockup on a simple query at one of our biggest production site would be a plus).

- Unicode support (ok, as I'm working on the java parts of the solution, this one makes me laugh)

- Improved contact model & revamped sync servers to provide a "smartphones compliant" model

- Usable mozilla lightning support, with asynchronous synchronisation and greatly improved response times !

In my next post, I'll probably give information on how our sync servers went from 5/sync per sec (single threaded benchmark, mysql) on empty database to something like 30sync/sec (postgresql, single thread, no optimisation (full logs & timing on pg)).

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